Refund Policy

Normal Billing

Trade Terminal has a monthly billing cycle. You pay for our service one month in advance. If you join the service in-between a billing cycle, you will be charged pro-rata up to the next billing cycle. Then, you will be charged on a monthly cycle. If you cancel the service in–between a billing cycle, your account will remain active until the next billing cycle. The advance credit is non-refundable.

Once the account is cancelled, your credit card details are removed from the database and as such, there is no question of being billed again.

As your account is paid through PayPal, once we confirm your cancellation, there will be no further charge going through on your account.


Before you cancel your account, please ensure you save all your data like appointment and bookings as once the account is cancelled at the end of the billing cycle, all data is removed from our system. We are unable to retrieve the data once it is deleted.

Account Cancellation Procedure

You can also make changes to your subscription under the Settings tab in your Business Admin Portal.