Ease of use and accessibility

Set up

Rather than having to download, install and set up a complex software program to manage your bookings, what if you could simply sign up and start accepting bookings? Trade Terminal takes all the hassle out of setting up an online booking system with just three easy steps:


The most complex task in setting up your business account will simply be to enter information about your business!

Online Booking and Scheduling System
Cloud-based Booking System and Appointment Scheduling System

Services & categories

To make it easier to manage your online bookings and appointments, Trade Terminal also allows you to classify your services under categories. Not only does this make tracking easier for you, but also enables customers to find their desired services with greater ease.



You don’t have to be at your desk in order to manage your bookings and schedule. With a cloud-based online booking and scheduling system like Trade Terminal, you can access, create, edit and manage all aspects of your bookings anytime, anywhere! This 24x7 availability also enables staff to keep track of their appointments on the go.


Mobile responsive

These days, most bookings and appointments are scheduled and managed from mobile devices. The responsive nature of the online booking system means that it can be accessed on any device. What better way to adapt to both your and your customers’ busy schedules than an online scheduling system that can be used anywhere?