• Appearance

    The Trade Terminal booking and scheduling system comes with a range of customisability options that help you make the system truly yours. It allows you to change the colour scheme of the online system and add logos to match your website and branding. You can also upload images that will be seen in a photo gallery by potential customers visiting your business profile on the system.

  • “Book Now” button

    Embed a unique “Book Now” button to your existing website to enable customers to make bookings and schedule appointments directly on the online system. The colour and text on the button can also be changed to suit your branding and services better.

  • Customer information

    We understand that certain services may require different types of information from customers to create and process the booking. The Trade Terminal online booking system allows you to add, update and delete the fields of information you require. Through this, you are also able to select the type of input best suited for your requirements – these may be in the form of text, dates, dropdown menus or checkboxes.

  • Reminders

    The text in your reminders would be different to that in your confirmation notifications and other messages. Through this online scheduling system, select from a range of templates for various needs or create your own! These allow you to specify exactly what messages are sent out, and on which occasions.