Customer management

The growth of any service-oriented business requires ensuring that customer relationships are more than simply transactional. Trade Terminal enables your business to cultivate long-term relationships with your customers with CRM functionalities. This online booking and appointment scheduling system removes the necessity of having to invest in a separate CRM software. With Trade Terminal, you are able to view, update and manage your entire customer database.

  • Existing customers

    Import all existing customers easily by uploading a single spreadsheet. This ensures efficient management of all customer interactions and your customer database from one central system.

  • Customer history

    Store details of each customer that books with you – regardless of their booking method. The customer management aspect of the Trade Terminal online booking system allows you to store, update and manage details such as contact details, personal information requested through booking forms, booking history, notes added by yourself or staff members, and communication history including email and/or SMS reminders.

  • Website integration

    Trade Terminal includes integration with website contact and enquiry forms. Received an enquiry on your website? View and respond to it directly through your online booking system!

  • Consumer portal integration

    All communication and booking history is also integrated with your customers’ consumer portal, allowing them to easily view their past bookings and interactions with your practice.