Next Generation Online Booking System

Bringing businesses and customers together across Australia

These days, appointments and bookings are made online for just about any service. Consumer demand for services online is growing
rapidly – a trend that is only going to continue.

Our online booking system bridges the gap between businesses and their customers by connecting them on a single platform.

  • Trade Portal

    Trade Portal

    View, update, edit and manage all your bookings in one place. Restrict staff functionalities and actions based on level of privilege through system administrator access.

  • Booking System Portal

    Booking Portal

    Allow customers to schedule bookings and appointments with selection from a range of services, preferred staff, and a visual calendar of availabilities.

  • Consumer Portal

    Consumer Portal

    Encourage customers to sign up and aggregate all bookings and appointments for service providers across all industries on one central system.

Our online booking system brings unparalleled booking and scheduling convenience to businesses and consumers alike.

Why Trade Terminal?

Track and manage your business from anywhere through our online booking system
Online Booking System & Appointment Scheduling System
  • User-friendly system

    The intuitive system interface is easy to use for both staff and customers

  • Cost-effective solution

    Select from pricing options tailored to suit a range of individual and business requirements

  • Efficient booking management

    Manage your bookings through a web-based schedule accessible 24x7 by staff and customers

  • Reduce administrative hours

    Reduce manual scheduling of appointments by taking your bookings online

  • Tracking and analytics

    Data import and export functionalities with additional reporting availability

  • More effective customer service

    Integration with website contact forms to effectively manage enquiries and contact requests


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  • Basic
    Suitable for sole tradespeople, the free version comes with basic functionalities for managing bookings and appointments with a flexible schedule.
  • Enterprise
    30-day free trial
    The Enterprise version is suited to small-medium businesses with advanced functionalities, tracking and reporting.


Industries served

    Consumer retail
And many more...