Trade Terminal is an online booking system for owners, service staff and customers designed by Australians for Australian small local businesses. It displays staff availability and allows your customers to make bookings with you anywhere and anytime without a phone call.

Trade Terminal has 20 years of experience running and consulting to small business and understand that planning, selecting and using technology can be very difficult and intimidating.

Trade Terminal is priced to be affordable to small business.

Our Goal is to Promote Small Businesses Within a Local Community.

To help do this we have no cost for all sole Trader’s to use Trade Terminal.

If the small business have service staff then a minimal monthly cost is paid for each with an unlimited Customer Trade Terminal accounts.

Small local business require any software to be cost effective, very easy to implement and use.

The software needs to improve business.

Small Businesses that register and use Trade Terminal:

Will Quickly Make Extra Money from Their Website

New customers and repeat customers will increase by using Trade Terminal.

Within 15 minutes you can have your book now button on your website and linked to your booking page ready to convert people browsing your website into paying customers. Remove the need for a phone call or email and make it easier for people to do business with you.

New and existing customers can book and pay for your services online anywhere and at any time 24 X 7 with a click of a button.

Will Quickly Save Time for Owners, Staff and Customers

The system will improve communication using automatic notifications via email or SMS between owner, staff and customers. This will reduce cancellations and no shows. Staff and customers will be better informed and reminded of their appointments.

Every customer has a login to all the booking information including payment from your business assessable 24X7 anywhere online in one central location.

These customers can make additional bookings to your services with a click of a button.

Will Immediately Further Connect Your Business to Your Community Online

Trade Terminal is designed to connect local businesses to the community. From one central location, not only can businesses manage their bookings but customers can also schedule their appointments with various service providers using Trade Terminal.

Your customer can go their dedicated Trade Terminal account and look at the bookings history with your business and with the click of a button they can search for another service and make a booking with the local doctor, local gym instructor, and local dog Groomer or any other service provider in the community that is using Trade Terminal.

Customers will save time by logging into their Trade Terminal account at anytime from anywhere and finding booking and transaction history for all local business services they have used in one convenient location.

Trade Terminal has been custom built for Small business:

  • It is very easy to set-up and use: The system has been designed for every small local business worker. It is very easy to use for both staff and customers.
  • Customers have their accounts automatically created upon their first booking with any business using Trade Terminal, and the login credentials are sent via email. From their portal, they can manage their bookings as well as communicate with your business easily.
  • Is very easy to register your business: Creating an account is extremely easy and can be done in 15 minutes. Just follow these simple steps:

Go to

Click on “Register”, then fill up your business information in the online registration process.

Your account is ready!

Online Booking and Appointment Scheduling System