Trade Terminal is the next generation in online booking systems and is uniquely designed to support Real Estate businesses.

Tracking and managing internal service staff, sales staff, and many suppliers whilst delivering high-quality customer service can be a challenge in the Real Estate industry.

From one central location, not only can Real Estate businesses manage their internal sales and rental bookings but customers can also schedule their appointments with various suppliers and service providers.

Customers can click on a “Book Now” button on your website that will take them to the booking page for your Suppliers (For example Window repairs, Carpet Cleaners, Gas, electricity faults) and allow them to create a booking or appointment.

We make it easier to work with Suppliers using the Supplier Portal

Online Booking System for Supplier

Our system is easy to use for owners, staff, and customers.

Real Estate businesses can request that all service suppliers register for Trade Terminal and then access the 24X7 dashboard that provides a real-time snapshot of booking activity, which can be altered to view activity by day, week or month across suppliers, staff members and/or services. This range of filter options is also translatable to downloadable reports for analysis purposes.

Track and manage your service and sales staff, suppliers and customers from anywhere 24X7.


It is very easy for suppliers to register and use Trade Terminal.

Creating an account is extremely easy and can be done in 15 minutes. Just follow these simple steps:

Go to

Click on “Register”, then fill up your business information in the online registration process.

Suppliers add service staff and availability and assign them services.

Suppliers add booking portal link to Real Estate website.

Your account is ready!


Trade Terminal is an ideal solution for any business.

Trade Terminal has a no-cost option that covers suppliers with 1 to 4 service staff.

Track and manage your business from anywhere

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you

Online Booking System for Customers

These days, appointments and bookings are made online for just about any service. Consumer demand for services online is growing rapidly – a trend that is only going to continue.

Trade Terminal bridges the gap between businesses and their customers by connecting them to a single platform.


Every Customer has a login to all the booking information including any payment from your business or suppliers – assessable 24X7 anywhere online.

The system will improve communication using automatic notifications via email or SMS between owner, staff, and customers. This will reduce cancellations and no-shows. Staff and customers will be better informed and reminded of their appointments.

Your customers can make additional bookings to your services with a click of a button in one central location.


The booking page is easy to use so your website visitors can make bookings in real-time.

The booking page is easily updated with staff availability and service changes from the administration portal.


Your staff, suppliers, and customers will appreciate the many features and benefits that using Trade Terminal in your Real Estate business.

Trade Terminal is easy to use a cost effective system that will improve your business.


  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Supplier portal
  • Administration portal
  • Customer portal
  • Staff portal
  • Web-based system
  • Very user-friendly so easy to use for everyone
  • Real-time booking for staff and customers
  • Payment options (PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, deferred payment processing, cash)
  • Australian owned and operated for local customer support
  • Downloadable real-time reports
  • Multiple location options


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Customer record system
  • Efficient booking management
  • Reduce administrative hours
  • Reduce manual scheduling of appointments by taking your bookings online
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Data import and export functionalities with additional reporting availability
  • More effective customer service
  • Integration with website contact forms to effectively manage enquiries and contact requests

Online Booking and Appointment Scheduling System