Australian service businesses that process a large volume of bookings are looking for automation solutions to simply the process for customers and become more efficient.

Trade Terminal has recently been selected by a large and respected Australian safety and compliance company that processes over 100,000 individual bookings per year.

This company met with many online booking software providers that were unable or unwilling to meet there specific booking automation requirements.

The majority of online booking software providers developed there booking software externally with an overseas based software developer and only offer a standard “out of the box” solution.

Trade Terminal is an Australian owned and operated online booking system provider that provides flexible and cost-effective solutions that most providers can’t offer.

Why use Trade Terminal custom online booking solutions:

  • Part owned by an experienced software development company Synotive Technologies
  • Software designed and developed 100% internally in Australia
  • Experts in customer booking experience or user experience (UX)
  • Cost effective and flexible custom technology solutions
  • Experienced software implementation consultancy

Trade Terminal partners with our corporate customers throughout the software implementation process and are accountable for ensuring you get the most out of your booking automation.

We provide custom technology solutions and options throughout the software implementation plan that:

  • help overcome resistance to change from customers and staff;
  • allows lessons learned in early phases to be incorporated in improvements to the process, communication and software;
  • ensures a foundation of understanding of how to best impact your business via booking automation

Driving adoption and continuous improvement

Trade Terminal supports our customers throughout the initial software trial period rollout.

Our software provides detailed advanced reports that help to define an implementation plan.

We provide our clients with built-in software features and custom technology options that drive adoption and continuous improvement of the automated booking process:

  • Custom designed booking portal
  • Scalable licensing agreements
  • Affordable and fast software customisation
  • Personalised system communication to customers and staff
  • CRM (Customer Record Management) system
  • Self-service customer and staff portals
  • Advanced reports on your entire customer database
  • Integration with existing systems such as MS Outlook, CRM and reporting software
  • Multiple locations or franchises within the system
  • Downloadable real-time advanced reports

Case study – Australian Safety and Compliance Company

After a detailed trial we have helped our client understand and manage the challenges faced in successfully implementing an online booking system.

We have been able to offer and implement these custom technology solutions:

  • Block Out Service Staff Time Periods – you can block out time for morning, afternoon and lunch breaks so the service staff member is unavailable to be booked online by a customer.
  • Advanced Scheduling Calendar – customers can book specific service staff on specific dates and times.
  • Service staff available geographically – zone a service staff to a specific area. Create separate Booking Portal links that will only display service staff in their area. As an example, you can ensure a service staff that is based in Richmond VIC is not visible to a customer trying to book in Ballarat VIC.

Delivering Custom Booking Automation Solutions

Trade Terminal professionals take the necessary time to understand the needs of each business to give you a custom online booking solution that can cut operational costs and increase your return on investment.

Our online booking solutions ensure the highest level of adoption and adaptability to innovate and add business value.